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Natural Products Synthesis and Catalysis Lab.


For Master Dissertation / Intern students:​ 

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Thirupathi Barla directly through e-mail and include a CV and research statement.

For PhD Students: 

Our group always looks for highly motivated and talented students to join us for their Ph.D. Please feel free to contact Dr. Thirupathi Barla for more information about his research activities.

For Postdoctoral Fellows: 

Interested candidates should send an e-mail, a cover letter, a CV, a research summary, and selected publications for consideration.

Research Outline

Our research program emphasizes, total synthesis of biologically active natural products or model compounds having potentially bioactive, targeted molecules possess unique challenges in asymmetric bond construction. We also work on the development of enantioselective catalysis with high levels of enantioselectivity and purity, the development of novel methods for stereoselective bond formation is of paramount importance to organic synthesis.

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